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16 June 2014 / Tornado number 2 / Stanton, Cuming, Wayne Counties, Nebraska (Prelim EF4)

The second tornado of the day was a long track tornado which formed 5.75 miles southwest of Pilger and tracked to 8.4 miles west northwest of Pender.  This tornado struck the town of Pilger, causing extensive damage, numerous serious injuries and unfortunately, two fatalities.  The tornado had likely been on the ground for about 10 minutes when it came into my view as I was traveling north toward Pilger.  I was somewhat unaware that a town had been impacted, as Pilger was obscured from my view by a hill.  I did notice a large amount of debris and had the feeling that something substantial had been hit.  The tornado grew quite wide toward the end of its life, about the time it absorbed tornado number 3 to the north northwest of Wisner.