Work has finally been completed on my full storm chase log which starts in 1982.  This log documents pretty much every time the car, truck, or whatever I had that year, left the driveway.  The links at right will lead you to a summary of the day, most likely including photos, but some will just be a story about the day.  I've tried to weed out days that were totally uninteresting. 

The days that are included won't always include tornadoes, or even storms in some cases.  Too much time and effort goes into this thing that some call storm chasing, others call tornado chasing, some just call storm observing.  In my mind, it wasn't a complete bust of a day if I get to use my cameras.  It may be for sky color or landscape, or just something funny along the roadside.

I hope you enjoy reading the tales and looking at the images as much as I enjoyed gathering them.  Clicking on the book at the left will get you started!