Category: House Projects

Button up Wednesday

A couple of projects reached the finish line.  First the garden fence.  The dogs started putting two and two together and it appeared as if Vegas was wondering how she will be able to access the tomatoes this year.  Duke just laid there looking at me as if to say, do you really think that […]

More projects…

It seems like every year a project that wasn’t really planned jumps up on us.  This year it’s a fence around the vegetable beds.  After the addition of more raised beds and dirt was prepared a few weeks ago, we have noticed that the dogs have taken quite the interest as well.  This isn’t too […]

Project updates

And there are a lot of them.  From the shop, I finished up a nightstand that will go on my wife’s side of the bed.  One of the things I learned from remodeling the shop (twice) is where to take advantage of space.  Every room becomes quite large if you start utilizing space off the […]