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May 1, 2016 update

May 1st – the weather has been nearly perfect for garden growth.  We have been getting at least some rain on a regular basis, and we haven’t turned off too cold or hot.  We have had a stretch of lows in the 40’s which is a bit too cool to kick all the pepper plants […]

Hectic couple of weeks

Greetings from the Ewoldt Homestead.  The last couple of weeks have been very busy.  In late March or early April each year, I wonder why we put ourselves through the work of an extensive garden.  This year looked particularly bad for some reason.  But, after a couple of weeks of bed weeding, planting and pruning, […]

Wrapping up garden install

Tomatoes went in this afternoon.  I’ll take the time to note which ones we put in – we went with some exotics this year.  I’ve learned quite a few tomato growing tips over the last year and will be trying some new things.  Fingers crossed for a banner crop and some weather cooperation.  There are […]

Well, it’s a building…

It was kind of a bugger to put up, but it’s finished.  Mowers, a tiller and a variety of other garden tools are scattered around the back garden.  They haven’t had a home since remodel on the shop over a year ago.  Through most of the build, this really seemed like a flimsy structure, but […]

Active garden period

As one might expect.  We had another light freeze last night, but I’m sure it had little impact.  Saturday was a beautiful day with temperatures in the 70’s and relatively light winds.  With my father’s help, work started on the new lawn equipment shed.  This would not only have been impossible by myself, but I […]

Button up Wednesday

A couple of projects reached the finish line.  First the garden fence.  The dogs started putting two and two together and it appeared as if Vegas was wondering how she will be able to access the tomatoes this year.  Duke just laid there looking at me as if to say, do you really think that […]

New arrivals

You can’t have too many roses.  Well, I guess you could – but we are a long way off from too many.  A couple of ours were in the ground when the house was bought.  Since then, we have added several that up until now, had all been bought locally.  Last year we considered buying […]

More projects…

It seems like every year a project that wasn’t really planned jumps up on us.  This year it’s a fence around the vegetable beds.  After the addition of more raised beds and dirt was prepared a few weeks ago, we have noticed that the dogs have taken quite the interest as well.  This isn’t too […]