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20 July 2015 / Impressive lightning day across central and western Oklahoma (trip 377 / season 1375)

Lightning everywhere – and a lot of it!  It was an impressive display with frequent lightning in all directions at times across central and western Oklahoma.  The show started early and continued through the night.


17 July 2015 / Northwest Oklahoma and Southwest Kansas (Trip 444 / Season 998)

This was a long day, a little unusual in the sense that it was about 10 hours long and covered a lot of ground.  There were early and mid-afternoon storms across north central Oklahoma near Wakita.  In the evening, I was pulled farther northwest and ended up shooting storms near Englewood, Kansas.  This was the first day of the season that had me seeking shelter from a barrage of cloud to ground strikes.  This was one of the more active days of the summer, so the results were a little disappointing.


16 July 2015 / Great Salt Plains Lake (Trip 192 / Season 554)

I had a late start to storms across northern Oklahoma.  Some of the better flashing was occurring over Woods and Alfalfa counties.  I stumbled upon a viewing area that was located on the north side of the Great Salt Plains Lake.  The mosquitoes were horrible, but I was able to stand and fight long enough to grab a few images as the weakening storms approached.


1 July 2015 / Northern Oklahoma weak storms (Trip 144/Season 144)

Decent lightning production has been hard for me to find in 2015.  It didn’t get any better this first summer outing.  The storms provided minimal lightning and were trumped by a nice sunset.


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