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Supercell near Reydon, OK – May 15, 1991

Supercell near Reydon, OK.

Supercell near Reydon, OK.

I got very familiar with north/south Highway 30 this afternoon.  I moved up and down it between Reydon and Erick several times looking at nearby storms forming, not knowing which one to stick with.  I eventually ended up near Arnett, but what all of this means is that I was too far south to take a look at the large tornado producer near Laverne.

Still, I was treated to some nice supercell structure near Reydon, not far from sunset.

Northern Oklahoma tornado event – April 26, 1991


Chase partner, David Andra and I knew this was going to be an intense day dealing with violent and fast moving storms.  We got suckered on some early development in Grant and Garfield Counties which ended up being elevated and raced quickly northeast into Kansas.  Our start after these storms did put us in a very good position for what would become one of the storms of the day.

Vigorous storm development occurred around us by mid afternoon as we sat near Loyal.  Our target storm organized and moved directly over Enid where rain, hail and traffic slowed our progress some.  As we drove east out of Enid, a large tornado became visible (but with poor contrast) to our east northeast.  The tornado was entering its rope stage by the time we cleared heavy rain and were able to stop for pictures/video.

Not long after the first tornado dissipated, another brief – classic looking – tornado formed.  After that tornado weakened near Breckinridge, and while the storm was reorganizing, we made a move into Garber.  We observed one very small tornado just to the west of the town.

While departing the town eastbound, a circulation narrowly missed the truck, while lofting a considerable amount of small debris into the air.  This may very well have been the start of the long-track, Red Rock tornado.  We stopped a couple of miles east of Garber and observed the tornado just to our northwest.  The tornado steadily intensified and widened over the next 40 minutes, while quickly moving east northeast.  While we were nearly caught up in the circulation at the start of the tornado, we were about five miles behind it when it disappeared over Northeast Noble County.

Our trip back south down I-35 took us across the damage path.  There were a couple of buildings destroyed, a lot of tree and guardrail damage, and some dead cattle.  The tree damage was a scar that I could easily identify for 20 years after on my trips up or down I-35.  It has only been the last couple of years where it was hard to tell where the tornado crossed the interstate.

Tornado – Kingfisher County, Oklahoma – April 12, 1991

And things slowly begin to click.  I started the day pretty far to the west, but recognized dewpoints were mixing out and made a quick jump to the east.  I intercepted the first – somewhat disorganized – storms near Binger.  I made moves to the north and east through Hinton, Geary, Calumet and Kingfisher, observing some hail to the size of golfballs and occasional wall cloud features.  I took up a position just east of Lovell as an impressive updraft rotated strongly just to the west.

While it only lasted for five minutes, the small tornado east of Hennessey was a nice reward for a fairly well played day.  I found out later about the crazy tornado producers which were only about one more county to the north.   Such is the game.