Monthly Archives: August 2015

18-19 August 2015 / Local area storms (Trip 120 / Season 1812)

Two rounds of thunderstorms on the day.  The first occurred during the early evening hours.  The second was after Midnight on the 19th.


9 August 2015 / Evening storm near Crawford, Oklahoma (Trip 266 / Season 1692)

This drive took me west, almost to the Texas Panhandle which was farther than I had expected to go.  I had about a 30 minute viewing window of a storm west of Crawford, Oklahoma, and I wondered on the way home if the results were worth the drive.  I have to say, yes.  I am quite pleased with a couple of the images.


5 August 2015 / Local area thunderstorms (Trip 51 / Season 1426)

A nice surprise after the temperature reached 100 degrees for the first time in Okarche this season.  Storms formed just east of the house and tracked southeastward into the Oklahoma City area.