15 April 2017 / Supercell near Protection, KS

Protection, KS supercell

This was one of the first days of the year that some decent moisture returned as far north as southern Kansas.  Low pressure was moving eastward across northern Kansas and the low level flow was veered a bit over my target area – still, there seemed a decent shot at a few storms with supercells possible.

I initially drove toward Woodward and ended up in the Fargo and Shattuck area watching storm attempts over the northeast Texas Panhandle.  These didn’t survive long, and more persistent development was occurring just to my north.  I worked my way northeast through Buffalo and north to Sitka, navigating around the north side of a developing supercell just to the south of Highway 160.  This became the storm of the day – so much as it was.  Low volume was a big issue and it never looked capable of producing a tornado, but some large hail occurred and the storm took on a nice shape near sunset.

The nicest part of the storm was the very slow movement – about 5 mph – as it crawled east across Comanche County.

The largest hail I measured was 1.78 inches – 1 mile south of Buttermilk, KS – at 8:16 pm CDT.