24 March 2017 / Wichita, Kansas Storms

6:50 pm CDT – 1.9 miles ENE of Wellington, KS – Looking NE

My expectations were a little bit higher on the day.  I expected it to be messy, and it was… I expected there to be some hail producing storms, which there were… and I expected a tornado or two, which there wasn’t.  I headed north on I-35 and exited at Belle Plaine, playing around in storms between Winfield and Derby.  A nicer storm developed which was producing severe hail and I followed northward across the western parts of Wichita.  I observed quarter size hail in Clearwater – the first time I’ve observed severe hail in Sedgwick County.  Most of the storms were small and messy, much like the picture at the top of this page which I shot near Wellington on my way home.  A good way to work all the bugs out of the systems that have been sitting for the last nine months.

5:12 pm CDT - Clearwater, Kansas

5:12 pm CDT – Clearwater, Kansas